About Boss Litho

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Our Equipment List


  • Mitsubishi Diamond 3000R 40”; (8 color w/Perfector including double coater; interdeck UV ink and UV coating)
  • New Mitsubishi Ryobi V 3000 6/C, 28×40 Press

Press Spec

  • 1/8” bleed all around
  • 27-1/8 x 39-1/2 live
  • 28 x 40 Sheet Size

Flexible Packaging and Luxury Packaging

     Die Cutting and Foil Stamping

  • CAD Cutting Machine
  • 2 New Bobst Die Cutter / Foil Stampers SP 104 BM, 28 x 40


  • 2 New Bobst gluer Expertfold


  • Sakurai SC-102A II UV Coating


 Computer-To-Plate (CTP)

  • Kodak Prinergy Connect Workflow / Prinergy

Digital Workflow

  • Trendsetter 800 III Quantum


  • Epson Ultra Chrome, DJET Double Digital Color Proofer
  • 3 Epson Ultra Chrome, SureColor P8000 Digital Color Proofer
  • Epson Ultra Chrome, SureColor T7000 Digital Color Proofer


  • M.B.O. B30C with one right-angle folder, 30”x 50”
  • Muller Martini 7-pocket saddle stitcher
  • Heavy duty hand stitcher
  • ARPAC Hanagana automatic Shrink Wrap
  • Preferred Packaging Shrink Wrap System
  • MS-5 3 hole driller
  • Itotec 3 Guillotine 46” Cutter
  • Polar 137XT 54” Cutter


  • GMC ‘‘Good Strong’’ Sheeter


  • • 4xT1 Highspeed Internet, FTP and Email Service

We produce about 50% of our sales in packaging.
The USA is the #2 market in the world producing packaging for the entire industry.
We can turn our equipment on for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, if necessary.

Our experienced team is dedicated to the success of each and every job!
Please feel free to schedule a visit to our plant and request samples of our work!